Revenue Cycle Management Self-Service Glossary

Claim Reconsideration ─ Request for UnitedHealthcare to review a processed claim. This is an optional step available prior to submitting an appeal. Claim reconsideration requests should be submitted through Claims (on Link).

Dashboard or Link dashboard – Link home page that allows users to see and open Link self-service tools.

Document Vault – 180 day repository for easily accessing reports and letters on Link. Visit to see what’s available. See also Paperless Delivery Options.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ─ Automated transfer of data between Revenue Cycle Management companies (RCMs) or care providers and payers, through a clearinghouse. Payer data is loaded directly in your practice management system, which makes EDI the most efficient method to get information. Standard transactions include submitting claims, verifying eligibility and benefits, and checking the status of claims. Go to for more information.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ─ Claim payments delivered by direct deposit into a qualified bank account. EFT is available with enrollment in Electronic Payments & Statements. See also Virtual Card Payment (VCP).

Electronic Payments & Statements (EPS) ─ Electronic claim payment system UnitedHealthcare uses for most plans. EPS speeds up payment by replacing mailed checks with EFT or VCP. PDF files of remittance advice are delivered online for manual posting and ERA/835 files are available for those with autoposting capability. Learn more at Enrollment is required.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) ─ Standard EDI 835 file of claim payment information that can be automatically posted into a practice management system. 835 files can be downloaded from EPS or delivered through your clearinghouse vendor.

ID Administrator ─ Link users who can control access for Standard Users. There is no limit to the number of ID Administrators an organization may have.

Link – Online self-service tools accessed from

Multi-TIN Access – Allows a Link user to access multiple tax ID numbers using a single Optum ID.

Optum ID – User ID for accessing Link and secure content on

Paperless Delivery Options – Link tool available to Password Owners to turn off delivery of UnitedHealthcare letters that are available in Document Vault. Go to for more information.

Password Owner – Link user who controls Link and Multi-TIN access for ID Administrators and Standard Users. Each organization can have only one Password Owner and only Password Owners have access to Paperless Delivery Options and Multi-TIN.

Standard User – Link users granted access by a Password Owner or ID Administrator. There’s no limit to the number of Standard Users in an organization.

Virtual Card Payment (VCP) ─ Electronic payment that’s processed like a credit card and doesn’t require sharing bank account information with a payer. VCP is available with enrollment in Electronic Payments & Statements. See also Electronic Funds Transfer.

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