Healthy Michigan Risk Assessment

Below you will find important information about the Healthy Michigan Health Risk Assessment and copays requirements.

Links to MDHHS for completion of the HMP HRA

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has developed three short videos for clinicians on the Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP) Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and the Healthy Behaviors Incentives Program. Clinicians play an important role in the HMP HRA and Healthy Behaviors Incentive Program and these videos have been developed to provide tips and best practices to primary care offices. These videos also highlight how to complete the HRA online to facilitate in-person or telehealth visits. For more information, please visit the Healthy Michigan Plan website at

Completing the Health Risk Assessment

This video is an introduction to the HMP HRA for clinicians and a step-by-step guide to completing the HRA, including all four sections and the primary care provider attestation.

Submitting the Health Risk Assessment

This video provides some suggestions for integrating the HMP HRA into clinic workflow and for submitting the form once it is completed.

Overview Healthy Behaviors Incentive Program

This video is an overview of the Healthy Michigan Plan Healthy Behaviors Incentive Program, which includes the HMP HRA, Preventive Services, and Wellness Programs.

These videos were produced in partnership with Michigan State University – Institute for Health Policy, Michigan Public Health Institute, and the Michigan State Medical Society, with support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.