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The following Obstetrics/Delivery Codes have been improperly denying:  59400, 59510, 59610, & 59618. If you have received a recent denial for one of these codes there is no need to resubmit your claim.  United HealthCare has rectified the issue and will be reprocessing your claims.  Should you have any questions regarding this, please call Provider Services at 1-800-600-9007

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Electronic Visit Verification Phase 3

In the Fall of 2020, the Ohio Department of Medicaid will start implementation of Phase 3 of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. 

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Change in Transportation Vendor Network

Beginning Aug.  1, 2020, the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Medicaid and UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete (D-SNP) plans will be changing the transportation vendor network.

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Ohio Suicide Prevention Initiative

UnitedHealthcare and Optum are partnering with the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation to encourage suicide awareness and increase screening for suicidal behavior in patients in primary care provider practices. 

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ODM is Requiring Providers to Register NPIs for Payments

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) is now requiring providers who are billing for Medicaid services to register their NPIs with them in accordance to comply with the Ohio Administrative code.

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UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete: Ohio Members Matched with a Navigator

The UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® plan will now pair our members with a Navigator, a go-to-person for support, to assist them every step of the way on their health journey in Ohio.

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Ohio Department of Medicaid Telehealth Unified Policy 

In order to ensure that all Ohio Medicaid members have needed access to care, the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) and Medicaid Managed Care Plans (MCPs) are increasing the scope and scale of reimbursement for telehealth services for Medicaid recipients during the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.

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Diabetic Self-Management Education

Diabetic Self-Management Education (DSME) benefits for your patients now covered.

Transportation to Food Resources for UHC Community Plan of Ohio Members

Benefit enhancements for Ohio dual special needs plan (DSNP)

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