Healthcare Professional Community Engagement Partnership

Last update: January 27, 2021

Let’s Work Together

More than 20% of the children in Tennessee on Medicaid failed to receive their annual Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) screenings last year. This is where UnitedHealthcare Community Plan (UHCCP) needs your help. 

We would like to partner with you and help close these EPSDT gaps in care by conducting month-long screening campaigns. Before the campaign, we review our claim records to see which of your patients with UHCCP are due for an EPSDT/well-child screening. We then reach out to these patients using mailed invitations, automated phone messages and/or live calls to assist them with scheduling a screening appointment. A list of included patients will be sent to you before the campaign begins so your staff can conduct outreach as well, if you so choose. Anyone who specifically receives the outreach and obtains  the screening during the campaign’s designated time frame will receive a $10 Walmart gift card from us in the mail once a claim is received.

If you are interested in EPSDT/well-child screening campaigns, please contact:

East TN: Jenny Lyons –

Middle TN: Janice Henderson –

West TN: Emily Stewart –