What Is an ID / Password Content Owner?

What is an ID/Password Owner?

Every organization using our site has an ID/Password Owner. This person is the 'head' administrative user for your online account. They are the top of the user hierarchy. This person can create other users, reset passwords for their users, and control what other users can do on the Web site.

Why is it important to have the right ID/Password Owner?

Without an active ID/Password Owner in place, your organization will not be able to create new users, reset their passwords, terminate users when they leave or change the access those users have on the site. With an active ID/Password Owner your organization will be able to do all your own user account maintenance yourself. Without it you will have to call the help desk for everything and you may find this inconvenient.

Who should be the ID/Password Owner?

It varies from organization to organization, but generally someone in a supervisory role should be the ID/Password Owner. It could be an office manager, a department supervisor, or even someone in an IT (technology) or IS role.

Can everyone in my organization just 'share' the ID/Password responsibilities?

For security and privacy reasons, every user in your organization must have a unique ID and password. Check the Help section for information about how to set up new users. It's easy and you can do it online without filling out paperwork or picking up the phone. Sharing an account with other people is also inconvenient because you may not know when another user changes the password.

It seems like being the ID/Password Owner is a lot of responsibility. What if I don't want to do it?

If you are not the right person to be the ID/Password Owner for your organization, you can cancel out of this registration process and ask another person to go through the process instead. That person can then create a standard user account for you. Alternately you can register for now and then change the ID/Password Owner later by calling 866-842-3278.