Manage My Profile - Missing or Incorrect Primary Administrator Name

What to Do if Your Primary Administrator Name is Missing, Wrong or Shows 'null'

Who is the primary administrator?

The primary administrator is the individual in your organization who can reset your password or change what things on the site you are allowed to do.  This is probably the person who set up your user account.

How did this person become the primary administrator?

The first person to register online for access to the site or the first person to log-in with the temporary user ID and password sent in the mail will become the ID/Password Owner for your organization. 

The ID/ Password Owner is at the top of the user hierarchy. They can create standard users and also other administrators. Your primary administrator might be the ID/Password Owner, or they may be another administrator who has been created by the ID/Password Owner.

What is the primary administrator's role?

The primary administrator can create new users, reset passwords for those users and manage which things those users are allowed to access on the site.

What if my primary administrator is 'null'?

If your primary administrator name is 'null' this means that the primary administrator has not updated their account with their name. If you know who this person is, remind them to update their information in the 'my account' link in the log-in box. 

If several people are 'sharing' a primary administrator log-in they will need to decide which one of them will become the primary administrator and owner of the log-in. 

That person should update their information in My Account.  That person should then set up new user IDs for everyone else so they can each have their own account.  Alternately, those other users can go to the ID/Password Owner and get their own administrator accounts created.

What if my primary administrator no longer works here?

If someone else has taken over the account and has the password, they should log in and update their information under 'my account' in the log-in box.

If no-one has taken over that account and you have a primary ID/password owner for your organization (the 'head' administrator) that person can deactivate the account of the person who has left and assign you a new primary administrator.

If the primary administrator IS the ID/Password Owner and they have left, call 1-866-UHC-FAST and tell them you need to establish a new ID/Password Owner.

It's important that someone is acting in the ID/Password  Owner and administrator role so that they can create and reset passwords for the other users in your organization.

What if I don't recognize the name of my primary administrator?

If you work in a large company, this may be someone you don't personally know. If you need them to reset a password for you or change your access, or if you just want to validate who they are, give that person a call.

If you're not able to find that person or they have left the company, see instructions above.

It's important that someone is acting in the ID/password  Owner and administrator role so that they can create and reset passwords for the other users in your organization.