08/2019: Avoid Clearinghouse EDI Claims Submissions Fees

You may experience additional costs to submit UnitedHealthcare claims electronically if we are considered a non-participating payer with your clearinghouse. Although this isn’t common, we want to make sure you know how to avoid additional costs (or paper submissions) when you submit Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 837 claims to us.

Submitting EDI Claims

If your clearinghouse classifies UnitedHealthcare as a non-participating payer and charges fees to submit claims electronically, please consider using the following options:

  • Optum Intelligent EDI: Through Optum Intelligent EDI, most UnitedHealthcare claim submissions are free. Visit UHCprovider.com/ediconnect for more information.
  • Clearinghouses that consider UnitedHealthcare a participating payer: These clearinghouses don’t charge additional fees and may allow you to submit UnitedHealthcare claims without requiring you to move all your other transactions.

If you have questions, please contact the UnitedHealthcare EDI Support Team using the EDI Transaction Support Form, email supportedi@uhc.com or call 800-842-1109.