Welcome to UHCprovider.com

Our new care provider website will be your single source for everything from UnitedHealthcare administrative guides and policies to Link self-service tools.

We heard you  

You told us you wanted fewer websites to help make it easier to do business with us. We started with Link, your gateway to our online self-service tools. UHCprovider.com is our next step in giving you a one-stop online experience. Now you can move between Link apps and UHCprovider.com pages to find what you need even faster. In time, this site will replace UnitedHealthcareOnline.com and UHCWest.com, as well as other UnitedHealthcare care provider sites.

And we’re still listening

This website was designed with your feedback in mind, but our job isn’t done. Tell us how we’re doing by clicking the Feedback button on the right side of your screen or complete one of our surveys. Your opinions will help us continue to improve so we can better meet your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

UHCprovider.com is a new website for care providers and their office staff to find content such as administrative guides, polices and protocols. It’s also how you access Link, your gateway to UnitedHealthcare’s self-service online tools. 

You told us you want fewer websites to get the information you need. We heard you. Consolidating UnitedHealthcareOnline.com and UHCWest.com is another step in the work we’re doing to help make it easier to do business with us. 

You can start using UHCprovider.com now. You’ll be automatically redirected to UHCprovider.com from UnitedHealthcareOnline.com and UHCWest.com once those sites are no longer available. 

No. Link is still your gateway to our self-service online tools. You’ll get to Link through UHCprovider.com. 

No. You can access the same online transactions from UHCprovider.com by clicking on “Link” in the upper right corner of the home page. 

Yes. We’ve also improved our menus and search options to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. 

Not yet, although we’ll continue moving other websites over time. This new site will ultimately be the one-stop single online experience you’ve been asking for. We’ll let you know before we retire any websites and will make it as easy as we can to find the information on UHCprovider.com.

No, you’ll continue to access Link with your Optum ID. If you don’t have an Optum ID, click the  ”New User” icon on the UHCprovider.com home page and then “Create an Optum ID” to access Link self-service tools and secure content on UHCprovider.com.

UnitedHealthcare Oxford members are moving over to UHCprovider.com and Link in phases through 2018. The member’s ID card will direct you to the appropriate site to get the information you need.

Go to UHCprovider.com. Click “Sign In” at the top of the page and then “Create an Optum ID.” An Optum ID is our way of managing your online identity to make it easier to do business with us. Once you register for an Optum ID you’ll have a single sign on to access all our applications, such as Link. The first person in your organization who registers with your tax identification number (TIN) will be the primary administrator for any other user accounts in your organization.