UnitedHealthcare Hearing RELATE 2.0 & Right2You - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about Relate 2.0

  • Relate 2.0 will be available to members on January 1, 2021.
  • Offers seamless binaural direct connectivity to Bluetooth® devices; utilizes the latest generation programming software and has remote gain adjustment capability. Select models are rechargeable.
  • Software can be downloaded from UHChearing.com/relate in December.
  • Watch for training information in a future communication.

What you should know about Right2You virtual care/direct delivery*

  • What's new about the upgraded home delivery - Right2You virtual care/direct delivery?
    • Clinical screening will be conducted by UnitedHealthcare Hearing Clinical Services Team to help members determine if virtual care will work for them.
    • Select Phonak Audéo™ Paradise & Relate 2.0 Products manufactured by Sonova are available through Right2You virtual care/direct delivery.
    • If an eligible member does not have a recent hearing test, they will be referred to you for ‘Hearing Assessment for Virtual Care’. You will be responsible for conducting the otoscopic exam, comprehensive hearing test, and measuring slim tube/receiver length and tip size. Eligible providers are reimbursed $125 for the Hearing Assessment for Virtual Care after complete information is received and processed by UnitedHealthcare Hearing.

*Note: Right2You virtual care/direct delivery may not be available for all health plans

  • What type of brands are we offering in 2021 Right2You virtual care/direct delivery?

Relate 2.0 RIC and Phonak Audéo™ Paradise will be available through this program

  • Who will conduct the virtual care in 2021?

The UnitedHealthcare Hearing Clinical Service Team, our employed licensed audiologists and hearing aid specialists will conduct virtual care.

  • Are network providers permitted to offer virtual care appointments?
    • In 2020, if a member chooses to have their follow-up appointment conducted via virtual care after purchasing from your practice, please consult the Update on Telehealth Extensions for Network Providers in our October 2020 provider communication. UnitedHealthcare Hearing will keep you updated if there is any policy change regarding telehealth extensions due to COVID-19.
    • In 2021, Right2You virtual care appointments will be conducted by UnitedHealthcare Hearing Clinical Service Team members, who are licensed audiologists and hearing aid specialists.
  • How does UnitedHealthcare Hearing help members determine if virtual care will work for them?

✓ We screen all candidates for potential medical contraindications before starting Right2You journey

✓ We ask members if they are comfortable working with app-based devices such as a tablet or a smartphone

and that they are interested in receiving hearing healthcare remotely, from the comfort of their home.

✓ We confirm that Right2You is included under the member’s health care coverage.

  • Will members be required to choose virtual care over in person care?


  • Can providers sell home delivery or Relate 2.0 in 2021?

Relate 2.0 Basic R BTE is only available through Right2You, and Relate 2.0 Reserve remains available for in-person fitting. If a member expresses interest in Right2You during a hearing aid referral appointment with you, please choose the following reason and hand off the opportunity to UnitedHealthcare Hearing for follow up in the portal: “member would like to proceed with Right2You virtual care/direct delivery”; or check the designated box ‘refer member to Right2You virtual care/direct delivery’ on the recommendation form. Meanwhile, please have the member call 1-855-523-9355 to start Right2You journey with our Clinical Service Team on the phone.

*Right2You may not be available for all health plans.

  • Is Right2You virtual care/direct delivery available to all members?

It is available for the majority of plans.

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