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Care Provider Rights Related to the Credentialing Process - Chapter 14, 2018 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Care providers applying for participation in our network have the right to:

  • Review the information submitted for your application. This excludes personal or professional references or peer review protected materials.
  • Correct erroneous information. We notify applicants in writing, by fax or email, if we find any information that varies substantially from the information provided by the applicant. Applicants must submit corrections, in writing, directed by the Credentialing Entity within 30 days of the notification of the discrepancy.
  • Be informed of the status of your credentialing or recredentialing application, upon request. Check the status of your application by calling the United Voice Portal at 877- 842-3210, say or enter your TIN, and then say, as prompted: Other Professional Services > Credentialing > Medical > Get Status.