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Administrative Terminations for Inactivity - Chapter 2, 2018 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Administrative Terminations for Inactivity

Up-to-date directories are a critical element of providing our members with the information they need to take care of their health. To offer more exact and up-to-date directories, we: 

  • Administratively terminate provider agreements for care providers who have not submitted claims for one year, and
  • Inactivate any TIN under which there have been no claims submitted for one year.

When care providers tell us of practitioners leaving a practice, we make multiple attempts to get documentation of that change.

Effective April 1, 2017, we administratively terminate a care provider if:

  • We get oral notice that a practitioner is no longer with a practice, and
  • We make three attempts to obtain documentation confirming the practitioner’s departure, but do not receive the requested documentation, and
  • The practitioner has not submitted claims under that practice’s TIN(s) for six months prior to our receipt of oral notice the practitioner left the practice, or the effective date of departure provided to us, whichever is sooner. This does not apply to Medica HealthCare and Preferred Care Partners.