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Filing a Lawsuit by a Member - Chapter 2, 2018 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Filing of a Lawsuit by a Member

Lawsuits Against a Care Provider

We do not automatically move the member to another medical group/IPA because of a lawsuit. 

We consider a transfer if:

  • The complaint is about problems with quality of care or inappropriate behavior AND the care provider requests removal from their care. 
  • The transfer would not affect the member’s current treatment. The treating care provider must confirm this. 
    • The treating care provider must cooperate in the transfer of medical records and information to the new care provider. 
  • The member wants another care provider who is part of the same medical group/IPA but located in a different office.

Lawsuits Against a Medical Group/IPA

We do not deny the member access to care providers within a medical group/IPA because of a lawsuit. We consider a transfer if the member’s complaint is about problems with the general practices and procedures of the medical group/IPA. 

Note: If you receive notification of a member’s plan to sue, please notify your provider advocate.