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Discontinuation of the OneNet PPO Medical Network Product - OneNet PPO Supplement, 2018 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

As of March 16, 2016, the OneNet PPO medical network product is no longer offered. There are no participants with access to the OneNet PPO medical network. Any health care ID card with the OneNet name or logo is no longer valid. The OneNet medical claim runout period ended on March 15, 2017. OneNet medical claims are no longer being priced or adjusted. Forward outstanding OneNet medical claims to the payer listed on the health care ID card. Contact the payer directly for claims related questions.

The OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network continues to operate.  Access is limited to employers and administrators contracted with Procura Management, Inc. (Procura), an Optum company. Some employers and groups formerly accessing the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network directly or through another administrator may now access the network through Procura.

About OneNet PPO

OneNet PPO maintains the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network. This is a network of physicians, health care practitioners, hospitals and ancillary facilities used for work-related illness and injury. It serves workers’ compensation programs administered by employers and third party administrators contracted with Procura, an Optum Company.

Procura’s clients are responsible for the administration of workers’ compensation benefit programs accessing the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network. These responsibilities include determining claim eligibility, providing explanation of benefit (EOB) statements or remittance advice, and paying claims.