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Quality Management and Health Management Programs - OneNet PPO Supplement, 2018 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

The following exceptions apply to the Health and Disease Management procedures in how they apply to OneNet and OneNet Participants:

  • UnitedHealthcare Case Management, Behavioral Health and Disease Management programs do not apply to OneNet workers’ compensation.
  • Do not report OneNet Participant information to the UnitedHealthcare Cancer Registry.
  • OneNet encourages the use of the Clinical and Preventive Health Guidelines when treating OneNet Participants.
  • While OneNet encourages the use of resources available on related to mental health/substance use, the processes described for behavioral health consults do not apply for OneNet. If you believe a Participant accessing you through the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network would benefit from mental health/substance use services due to their job related injury, please contact the workers’ compensation case manager or adjuster for guidance.