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Medicare Products - Chapter 4, 2019 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Medicare Products

UnitedHealthcare Medicare products offer Medicare Advantage (MA) benefit plans for Medicare eligible individuals and employer group retirees. If a member presents a health care ID card with a product name with which you are not familiar, verify the member’s eligibility using eligibilityLink. Product lists provided for your convenience are subject to change at any time.

This guide does not apply to UnitedHealthcare Medicare Direct, our MA Private Fee-for-Service product, which does not use a contracted Medicare provider network. For information about UnitedHealthcare MedicareDirect, go to: Health Plans by State > Select your state > Medicare > UnitedHealthcare® MedicareDirect (PFFS).

Medicare Products in Your Area

For more information about our Medicare products in your go to: 
Health Plans by State > Select your state > and choose Medicare or Community Plan, visit, or