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Updating Advance Notification or Prior Authorization Requests - Chapter 6, 2019 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Before services are rendered and before we make a coverage decision, you may make updates to your notification/prior authorization request. If a coverage decision has been made, updates can be made only to the date of service as long as the original requested date of service has not passed. If the original requested date of service has passed, and the date of service or any other changes need be made to your notification/prior authorization request, you must submit a new notification/prior authorization request.

Updated requests must be submitted through or by phone at 877-842-3210 (option 3) or the number provided on member’s health care ID card.

After services are rendered, you cannot make updates to an existing advance notification or prior authorization request.

If we do not approve the notification/prior authorization request, you cannot make updates to it. You may submit an appeal by following the instructions listed in the adverse determination letter we send you.