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Air Ambulance, Fixed-Wing Non-Emergency Transport - Chapter 8, 2019 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

This protocol applies to all participating physicians and health care professionals. It applies to all non-emergency, fixed-wing air ambulance transports.

We have a network of air ambulance transportation providers. Members who get services from an out-ofnetwork non-emergency air ambulance service typically pay more out-of-pocket.

Refer members to a participating air ambulance provider, unless we authorize a non-network one. We list these providers in our Physician Directory on > Search by ‘Ambulance Services’, then select ‘AddItional Ambulance Services’. If you need help finding one, please call us.

Administrative Actions for Referral to Out-of-Network Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Providers

If we find a pattern of referrals to out-of-network air ambulance providers without our approval, we will educate the referring provider. If the pattern of out-of-network referrals continues, we may take actions available in your Agreement.