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OneNet PPO Supplement - 2019 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

OneNetPPO Supplement

Applicability of This Supplement

OneNet PPO, LLC (OneNet) is a wholly owned subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, a part of UnitedHealth Group, Incorporated. The OneNet supplement is a supplement to this UnitedHealthcare Guide, both of which OneNet health care providers must follow. This supplement may be referred to as the OneNet Physician, Health Care  Practitioner, Hospital and Facility Guide or the “OneNet Guide”.

OneNet health care providers are physicians, health care practitioners, hospitals and facilities whose Agreement with UnitedHealthcare includes participation in the Workers’ Compensation network offered by OneNet. This may include health care providers within the OneNet service area, as well as health care providers in other areas such as states adjacent to the OneNet service area, and any future OneNet network expansion areas. As of the published date, the OneNet service area includes Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia.

The OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network is the only OneNet network product currently accessed. Access to the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network is limited to employers and administrators contracted with Procura Management, Inc. (Procura), an Optum Company. 

This supplement lists operational procedures and information that apply to services provided to injured workers whose employer, workers’ compensation carrier, administrator or other entity has contractually based authority to access the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network for themselves or for their clients. You are subject to both the main guide and this supplement. Because OneNet is a network only and not a payer, certain provisions of the main guide will apply to OneNet with some variation. This supplement identifies these principal variations. This supplement controls if information conflicts with the main guide. For protocols, policies and procedures not referenced in this supplement, please refer to appropriate chapter in the main guide. 

Terms Used in the OneNet Supplement

OneNet Client: OneNet Clients include insurance carriers, third party administrators (TPA) and others. OneNet Clients may be a OneNet Payer or any entity that provides administrative services to a OneNet Payer (e.g., a TPA). 

OneNet Customer, Primary Participant or Participant: A OneNet Customer is a person authorized by OneNet PPO, LLC to access OneNet participating health care providers under the terms of their Agreement. The term “OneNet Customer” means the same as “customer” or “member” in this supplement. OneNet Customers, Primary Participants or Participants include the qualifying injured worker, subscriber, employee, insured, policyholder or other person who through their direct or indirect Agreement with OneNet is eligible to access network health care providers. 

OneNet Payer: A OneNet Payer is a person or entity obligated to pay for services rendered by a OneNet participating health care provider to a OneNet Customer. OneNet Payers may include insurance carriers, workers’ compensation carriers, self-funded health plans and others. OneNet Payers may use the services of a TPA or other entity to provide  administrative services, including verifying eligibility and adjudicating and issuing claims payment on behalf of OneNet Payers. References in the health care provider Agreement to “participating entity” or “Payer” also apply to OneNet Payers. Neither OneNet, Procura, nor UnitedHealthcare and its affiliates are OneNet Payers. 

Claim Pricing or Repricing: The process of applying the OneNet contracted rates to claims submitted by participating health care providers to OneNet or to third party payers or other entities who have contractually based authority to access OneNet networks for themselves or their clients. This process includes the application of clinical edits, reimbursement policies and standard coding practices. It may include the application of state or federal Workers’ Compensation fee schedule rates, UCR or prevailing rate as defined by the state, or other governmentauthorized pricing methodology or schedule. The terms “claim pricing” and “repricing” are used interchangeably.

About OneNet PPO

This is a network of physicians, health care practitioners, hospitals and ancillary facilities used for work-related illness and injury. It serves workers’ compensation programs administered by employers and third party administrators contracted with Procura, an Optum Company. 

Procura’s clients are responsible for the administration of workers’ compensation programs accessing the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network. These responsibilities include determining claim eligibility, providing explanation of benefit (EOB) statements or remittance advice, and paying claims.