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How to Contact OneNet PPO - 2019 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Customer Care

For OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation Network inquiries, contact Procura:

The Procura name appears on the EOB/remittance advice of Procura clients.


OneNet workers’ compensation claim pricing sheets for Procura are available on > Check Claim Status > Go to OneNet PPO Pricing Status Tool.

Claim Submission - Workers’ Compensation Claims

Submit workers’ compensation claims to the injured workers’ employer, workers’ compensation carrier or third party administrator (TPA). Do not submit workers’ compensation claims directly to OneNet or to Procura.

Claim Pricing Appeals

Send pricing appeals for OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation claims to:

Claim Payment Appeals

Direct Procura workers’ compensation payment appeals to:

Please note that OneNet and Procura are not payers and are not the entities responsible for claims payment.

Questions About Your UnitedHealthcare Contract

Please contact your UnitedHealthcare Provider Representative.

OneNet Information and Updates