Quality management and health management programs, OneNet PPO/Workers Compensation Supplement - 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

The following exceptions apply to the Health and Disease Management procedures in how they apply to OneNet and OneNet participants:

  • UnitedHealthcare Case management, behavioral health and disease management programs do not apply to OneNet workers’ compensation or auto liability.
  • Do not report OneNet participant information to the UnitedHealthcare Cancer Registry.
  • OneNet encourages the use of the Clinical and Preventive Health Guidelines when treating OneNet participants.
  • While OneNet encourages the use of resources available on uhcprovider.com related to mental health/substance use, the processes described for behavioral health consults do not apply to the OneNet PPO Workers’ Compensation or Auto Liability. Contact the case manager or adjuster for guidance if you believe a participant would benefit from mental health/substance use services due to their job-related injury or auto accident. You must follow ODG guidelines and requirements or other evidence-based requirements as defined by each state.