Health care provider reporting responsibilities, Preferred Care Partners - 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

You are required to report all adverse events as identified above, whether actual or potential. To report such incidents, call 1-952-406-4806.

You must report incidents to AHCA within 24 hours of it happening. You must report all serious incidents, such as those listed below, immediately. This allows us to quickly access the risk and address liability. Examples of adverse and serious incidents include:

  • Death or serious injury.
  • Brain or spinal damage.
  • Performance of a surgical procedure on the wrong patient.
  • Performance of a wrong site surgical procedure.
  • Performance of a wrong surgical procedure.
  • Medically unnecessary surgical procedure.
  • Surgical repair of damage from a planned surgical procedure.
  • Removal of unplanned foreign object remaining from a surgical procedure.

Health care provider contracts include the obligation to participate in quality management inquiries upon request.

What are the responsibilities of physicians and care providers?

You must report the ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes to the highest level of specificity and accurately. This requires accurate and complete medical record documentation. You are required to alert the MA organization of wrong information submitted. You must follow the MA organization’s procedures for correcting information. Finally, you must report claims and encounter information in a timely manner, generally within 30 days of the date of service (or discharge for hospital inpatient facilities).

Links to resources for the latest ICD guidelines and MRA resources are available online at

CPT and HCPCS codes

The American Medical Association (AMA) and the CMS update procedure codes quarterly, with the largest volume effective January 1 of each year. CPT and HCPCS codes may be added, deleted or revised to reflect changes in health care and medical practices.

If a claim is submitted with an invalid or deleted procedure code, it will be denied or returned. A valid procedure code is required for claims processing.

We encourage you to purchase current copies of CPT and HCPCS reference guides. You may access CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 coding resources and materials at the American Medical Association’s website,