Fourth Quarter 2020 Preferred Drug List Update

Last update: October 2, 2020

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan’s Preferred Drug List (PDL) is updated quarterly by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Please review the changes and update your references as necessary. 

You may also view the changes at > Menu > Health Plans by State > Maryland > Medicaid (Community Plan) > Pharmacy Resources and Physician Administered Drugs.

We provided a list of available alternatives to UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members whose current treatment includes a medication removed from the PDL. Please provide affected members a prescription for a preferred alternative in one of the following ways:

  • Call or fax the pharmacy.  

  • Use e-Script. 

  • Write a new prescription and give it directly to the member. 

If a preferred alternative is not appropriate, please call 800-310-6826 for prior authorization for the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan member to remain on their current medication. The changes are effective Oct. 1, 2020.

Questions? Call UnitedHealthcare Community Plan’s Pharmacy Department at 800-310-6826.