Community & State Plan: 2020 Transportation Benefit Information

Last update: Sept. 30, 2020

The UnitedHealthcare Community & State Plan of Virginia offers members a benefit:  Assisting with transportation to healthcare services.

Does a Community Plan member need a ride? 

When to call?

  • 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Five days in advance
  • Routine  trips up to 30 days prior
  • Standing orders up to 90 days prior

Urgent  non- life  sustaining trips require urgency verification from the treatment facility

  • Hospital  discharges
  • Sick or  follow-up  appointments
  • Dialysis,  chemotherapy,  radiation  therapy

Who to call?

  • CCC Plus: Members call 844-604-2078            Healthcare  facilities call: 844-525-1491
  • Medallion members call 833-215-3884 Healthcare  facilities call: 866-679-6330 
  • TTY 844-488-9724

Where are these phone numbers found? 

  • On the back of the Member’s ID card
  • Provider Manual
  • via LINK by reviewing a member’s eligibility and benefits
  • Calling provider services

Who to call to report a concern or to cancel a trip?

Ride Assist: 833-215-3885

Required Reservation Request Information

  • Member’s Medicaid and UHC ID number
  • Member’s Full Name and DOB
  • Member’s Pick-Up Address and Phone Number
  • Appointment Drop-Off Address and Phone Number
  • Member’s Level of Service/Mode of Transportation; Is Caregiver riding with Member?
  • Appointment date and time

Additional Accommodation Information

  • Member’s height and weight for wheelchair or ambulance transport
  • Instructions for the driver such as member special needs or additional information


  • PCP appointments are limited to 50 miles
  • Specialty appointments are limited to 100 miles
  • Excludes  air  transportation
  • FAMIS: 20 one-way trips per year; extra trips require authorization by the health plan
  • Meals/Lodging coverage in addition to other information is available, per Provider Services

 New Online Reservation Option

  • Member and Facility Ride Requests:
  • Healthcare Facilities Ride Requests: