How to make partial payments in the Provider Portal

October 2022

Receive authorizations faster by using our UnitedHealthcare Hearing Provider Portal to post a patient’s out-of-pocket payment. The process is helpful for patients wanting to use multiple credit cards to pay their full amount, including flex cards for our Medicare Advantage plans.*

How to process partial payments

Sign in to the UnitedHealthcare Hearing Provider Portal and complete the following steps on the patient’s account: 

  • Select “Partial Payment” and enter the amount the patient would like to pay with the first credit card 
  • Click “Proceed” to complete the transaction
  • Click “Manage payment” to apply the next portion of the amount due
  • Enter the second amount patient would like to pay with the next credit card and click “Proceed”

Repeat the steps for each amount and subsequent credit card until the out-of-pocket portion is paid in full.

Please note, the Provider Portal cannot process care credit transactions. You must call 855-536-5151 to facilitate those transactions.

*Additional information about flex cards will be provided to you in the coming months.