Prior Authorization and Notification

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Submit, complete and track prior authorizations, determine need for notification, and learn how PreCheck MyScript can help support your practice and your patients by saving time and money on prescriptions.

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Prior Authorization and Notification

Check prior authorization requirements, submit new medical prior authorizations and inpatient admission notifications, check the status of a request, and submit case updates for specialties including oncology, radiology, genetic molecular testing and more.

PreCheck MyScript

Find prescription prior authorization requirements, coverage, and preferred status, find available lower-cost prescription alternatives, and request prior authorization and receive status and results.


Specialty specific resources

Clinical Pharmacy and Specialty Drugs

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Genetic and Molecular Testing

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Prior Authorization Crosswalk and Prior Authorization Crosswalk Information Sheet
Use the Prior Authorization Crosswalk Table when you have an approved prior authorization for treating a UnitedHealthcare commercial member and need to provide an additional or different service. The table will help you determine if you can use the approved prior authorization, modify the original or request a new one.

Prior Authorization Status, Updates & Submission: Quick Start Guide
Quick start guide to check prior authorization status, submit new medical prior authorizations and inpatient admission notifications, submit case updates such as uploading required clinical documentation, and more.

Peer to Peer Scheduling Request
Peer to peer requests can only be made prior to submitting an appeal. Don’t fill out this form if your appeal has already been initiated.

Advance Notification and Clinical Submission Requirements
Advance notification information for providers to determine member coverage. Clinical submission requirements may be necessary for specialties

Submitting Admission Notifications, Prior Authorization Requests and Advance Notification
Information about active fax numbers used for medical prior authorization.

Prior Authorization and Notification Program Summary
This page includes a summary of the Prior Authorization and Notification Program and is not meant to be comprehensive. Please refer to the UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide for program details and required protocols.

Admission Notification Fax Numbers
You can begin to transition all your admission notifications to an electronic channel today.

We've Retired Fax Numbers Used for Medical Prior Authorization Requests
Information about retiring fax numbers used for medical prior authorization.

Prior Authorization Utilization Review Statistics
Prior Authorization Utilization Review Statistics information is provided to comply with a regulatory requirement for states that require disclosure of information for services that require pre-service review.

Drug Lists and Pharmacy
Information related to pharmacy coverage decisions based on an understanding of how health plan coverage affects total member health care including drug lists, supply limits, step therapy, and infusion care.

Cancer Therapy Pathways Program
The program is intended to improve quality and value in cancer care by supporting the use of therapies supported by evidence-based guidelines to improve outcomes.

Community Plan Pharmacy Prior Authorization for Prescribers
These paper fax forms are meant to be used in requesting prior authorizations for specific drugs.