The High Performing Physicians program rewards practices that demonstrate excellence in care delivery, while providing lower-cost care options for their patients whenever possible. High Performing Physician practices are leveraging the benefits of the program to help achieve these goals.

Program benefits include enhanced service, elevated engagement, and digital solutions. 

Enhanced Service

Provider Advocacy Center

This enhanced support model is designed to reward you with higher-touch telephonic service that handles issues all the way through resolution.

  • High-touch telephonic support
    One person commits to solving issues from start to finish
  • Improved issue resolution
    Find the root causes of your issues and identify opportunities to help prevent recurring issues
  • Education and training
    Get education on our policies, product offerings and digital tools
  • Proactive claim review
    Analyzes claim history to identify and resolve recurring issues, saving your practice time and helping accelerate payments

Contact Provider Advocacy Center at 877-842-3210

10-Day Onboarding

Take the hassle out of new-physician onboarding with our 10-day priority onboarding.

  • Expedited credentialing
    We’ll get new practitioners credentialed and loaded into our systems within 10 business days* so they can quickly start seeing patients
  • Quick loading
    If your practice has delegated credentialing, we’ll still load the new practitioner into our systems and be ready to process their claims within 10 business days
*Assumes a clean, complete submission from the provider; exceptions may apply. 

Elevated Engagement

Network Engagement Manager

The Network Engagement Manager is an individual who supports you by proactively reviewing opportunities to work together to achieve our common purpose. They help your practice:

  • Reduce out-of-pocket expenses for your patients
  • Use our digital tools, which can help make it quicker and easier to do business with us
  • Maximize the enhanced service benefits

Digital Solutions

UnitedHealthcare Insights

UnitedHealthcare Insights delivers key operational performance metrics that are easy to navigate, understand, and take action upon. This includes personalized metrics for prior authorization, referral patterns, administrative tasks and more.

  • Provides actionable data, insights and visibility into your referral patterns that impact your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses
  • Provides comprehensive reporting in a dashboard view so you can see all your metrics in one location

Point of Care Assist®

Point of Care Assist* adds real-time patient information — including clinical, pharmacy, labs, prior authorization and cost transparency — to your existing electronic medical records (EMR) workflow to make it easier for you to understand what patients need at the point of care.
It also gives you:

  • Access to accurate, real-time patient information that helps reduce administrative burden and rework
  • Member plan benefits changes, providers in your patients’ networks and their estimated out-of-pocket costs
*Point of Care Assist is dependent on the health system’s EMR and not available to all UnitedHealthcare contracted physicians.

*Point of Care Assist is dependent on the health system’s electronic medical record (EMR) and not available to all UnitedHealthcare contracted physicians. For more information on how UnitedHealthcare supports interoperability, please visit