High Performing Physicians is changing the way we communicate

Last modified: October 29, 2021

We all have a common goal: A high performing health care system that provides quality and affordable patient care. To help us get there, United Healthcare’s High Performing Physicians program rewards practices that demonstrate excellence in care delivery, while providing lower-cost care options for their patients whenever possible. High Performing Physician practices are leveraging the benefits of the program to help achieve these goals.

Ortho Florida, a large Orthopedic medical group, is realizing the benefits of the program after only a short time. Through enhanced service delivered by the Provider Advocacy Center, they’ve seen faster issue identification and problem resolution. Working with a dedicated Network Engagement Manager has also improved communication and strengthened the relationship between Ortho Florida and United Healthcare.

“High Performing Physicians has opened up a much better communication flow between the two organizations,” said Ortho Florida CEO, Dane Trask. “Working with our Network Engagement Manager and the Provider Advocacy Center has been the biggest benefit thus far — it’s invaluable to us. Being able to call a dedicated hotline that delivers us into a high-caliber set of people who are able to resolve our issues quickly, and can educate and inform so we don’t run into the same problem again, is an absolute game changer.”

Ortho Florida continues to see additional value by utilizing actionable data from digital solutions like UnitedHealthcare Insights, and is evaluating opportunities to make referrals that focus on high-quality, lower cost care. “Ortho Florida has really embraced UnitedHealthcare Insights and we’re working together to leverage them broadly across their 50+ practices,” said Network Engagement Manager Marysol Acosta.

Trask says, “Our UnitedHealthcare Insights reports have been very helpful. We are using the uniquely custom data to support our high bar for quality care and great outcomes for patients, with an eye toward reducing patient cost whenever possible.”

To make sure you are realizing the full value of being a High Performing Physicians practice, reach out to your Network Engagement Manager at, or visit to explore the benefits and digital tools in more detail.