Thank you, today and every day. Happy National Doctors’ Day.

To say we are grateful for all that you do would be the understatement of this unprecedented year. Your tireless commitment to your patients and teams is nothing short of extraordinary.

You are proof there’s no limit to what care can do.

To all those who care for our health




and so many more

Thank you 

You are proof there is no limit to 

what care can do

Here’s just a few of the ways in which UnitedHealth Group has supported health care professionals through this challenging year:

  • UnitedHealth Group announced steps to accelerate nearly $2 billion in payments and other financial support to care providers.
  • Created a dedicated COVID-19 website which housed critical resources including member coverage information, symptom checker, etc.
  • Donated $30 million in efforts to protect and support health care workers and $2.5 million in PPE to non-profit providers and hospitals.