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June 2018: OptumRx Home Delivery Pharmacy Promotes Safety with New Opioid Dispensing Limits

As the newest component of our ongoing efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, OptumRx Home Delivery, a dispensing pharmacy for UnitedHealthcare members, is introducing a new operational standard — the first of its kind in the home delivery market.

Starting July 1, 2018, OptumRx Home Delivery Pharmacy will limit dispensing of opioid prescriptions to a 30-day supply at one time for UnitedHealthcare commercial members:

  • Members who currently receive more than a 30-day supply at home delivery will need a new prescription or authorized refill for up to a 30-day supply from their prescriber.
  • In most states, prescribers can send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy to help ensure quick and continued access for members in need of chronic opioid therapy – with no disruption.
  • The amount a member pays for their opioid medication through home delivery may change, with cost shares adjusted for a 30-day supply level.
  • Proactive communication: On May 1, 2018, members previously prescribed greater than a 30- day supply of opioids were mailed notification letters to make them aware of this change. In April 2018, OptumRx also sent prescribers a communication to provide additional education on this new operational standard