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September 2018: Enhanced Prescription Functionality Now Available in Allscripts

UnitedHealthcare’s PreCheck MyScript functionality on Link is now integrated in the Allscripts e-prescribing system. 

How It Works

The solution allows you to check medication coverage, patient cost share, prior authorization requirements and more — without leaving your existing workflow. Adding a medication to your patient’s electronic health record will automatically trigger a real-time benefit check and provide key information from UnitedHealthcare and Optum Rx, which may assist in selecting the best medication for a patient’s condition and plan requirements. This all takes place before the patient leaves your office:

  • If the medication is not covered, non-preferred or if prior authorization is needed, the system will indicate that right away.
  • The patient’s cost share will be displayed along with lower cost alternatives for your consideration.
  • When prior authorization is required, you’ll be prompted to provide the needed information and the e-prescription will be pended until an approval decision is made.
  • If the medication is preferred and doesn’t require prior authorization or has no alternatives, the e-prescription is routed to the pharmacy. 

If you have any questions, contact your Allscripts representative. 

Don't use an electronic prescribing service?

No Problem! You can use PreCheck MyScript on Link. Go to for more information.