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October 2018: Our New Data Exchange and Medical Record Collection Programs

UnitedHealthcare values the care you provide to our members - which is why we’re always searching for new ways we can make it easier for you to do business with us. As part of that effort, we want to share with you some innovative new programs involving medical record collection and data exchange.

We’ve heard your feedback: you want us to request fewer medical records. You also want us to stop requesting the same information multiple times. We know these requests can delay your claims processing and take up your staff’s time. We also know that faster access to valuable information can help make our teams and yours more effective. That’s why our new programs will help alleviate the burden of medical record collection, get your claims processed faster and support your patient care plans.

We’re doing this in several ways:

Direct EMR access: By downloading clinical information straight from your EMR system, we’ll be able to collect the medical records we need to process your claims and conduct medical necessity and other reviews - without needing assistance from you and your staff.

Clinical data exchange: Through an automated data exchange process, you can easily share Admit, Discharge, Transfers (ADTs), Discharge Summaries and prescribed medication lists, so we can help spot any medication errors to help lower the risk for adverse interactions.

Point of Care solutions: You’ll access valuable data during the point of care. Programs like PreCheck My Script will help you access real-time pharmacy benefit information like copays, drug costs and prior authorization requirements - so you can prescribe the most appropriate and lowest cost medication before your patients leave the office.

These changes are gradually expanding across our organization to bring you the following benefits:

  • You’ll see fewer pended or denied claims that require clinical information submission - and faster timeframe for your accounts receivables. 
  • Because we’re building a centralized database for medical records we receive, we can use these records multiple times instead of making duplicate requests. 
  • You’ll receive accurate, real-time data for greater efficiency and better patient outcomes. 
  • Your staff can spend more time on patient care than administrative work. 
  • You can also leverage your EMR investment. 
  • You can stay secure and compliant, since our technologies meet HIPAA privacy statutes and other regulatory requirements. All data is stored and exchanged safely.

More Information

To find out more about our programs, visit > Menu > Resource Library > UnitedHealthcare Enterprise Medical Records Program.  To get started, visit Link on and choose the Remote EMR Access tool. You can also ask your Provider Advocate for additional assistance.