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02/2019: Next Phase Announced: More Fax Numbers Used for Medical Prior Authorization Retiring May 6, 2019

Use Our Online Tools Instead

As we continue moving administrative tasks online, another group of fax numbers used for medical prior authorization will retire on May 6, 2019.

Seema Verma, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator, spoke about the need to eliminate faxes at the 2018 Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Interoperability Forum. In her keynote address, Ms. Verma said, “If I could challenge the developers in this room here today to achieve one mission, it would be this: help us make every doctor’s office in America a fax free zone by 2020!”

These fax numbers are retiring on May 6, 2019:

  • Delaware UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Special Needs Plans  - 877-877-8230
  • Georgia Department of Community Health - 844-624-5690 
  • Mid-Atlantic Health Plans - 800-729-0616 
  • Mid-Atlantic Health Plans - 800-787-5325 
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Florida - 866-607-5975 
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Missouri - 844-881-4772 
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New Jersey - 888-840-9284 
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio - 866-839-6454 
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee - 800-743-6829 
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Virginia - 844-882-7133

Instead of faxing your request, please use the Prior Authorization and Notification tool on Link ‒ the same website you already use to check eligibility and benefits, manage claims and update your demographic information. You can access the tool and review resources to help you get started at If you’re unable to use the Prior Authorization and Notification tool on Link, you can continue to call Provider Services at 877-842-3210 to submit a request by phone.

Some plans have a state requirement for fax capability and will have a fax number for their members. However, you can still use the Prior Authorization and Notification tool on Link to submit requests for those members. If we ask you for more information about a prior authorization request, you can attach it directly to the case using the Prior Authorization and Notification tool on Link. If you can’t access Link, you can use the fax number included on the request for more information.