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02/2019: UHCTransitions Will Become UHCCareConnect and Be Available through Link

The tool available to track your patients’ progress through their care journey will be more powerful and easier to use. Starting Feb. 18, 2019, UHCTransitions will become UHCCareConnect and be available through Link — the portal you use for prior authorizations, claim submissions and other patient care management functions. 

Easier for you. Better for your patients.

A simple one-screen log-in will make it easier to track, adjust and optimize patient care flows. New features coming in the future will provide better access to population data, behavioral data, personal data and more. To get started, log in to Link with your Optum ID. Click the UHCCareConnect tile to see all the features you’re already using to track, adjust and optimize patient care flows more easily and accurately. To sign in to Link, go to and click on the Link button in the top right corner. If you aren’t registered yet, go to and select “New User” to begin registration.