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03/2019: Webinar Series on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

UnitedHealthcare and OptumHealth Education are hosting a two-part accredited webinar series on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in partnership with the Center for Youth Wellness, founded by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. The center’s goal is to revolutionize pediatric medicine and transform the way society responds to children exposed to significant ACEs and toxic stress. Their comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach helps improve outcomes for children and families. Webinars will be available on-demand at the OptumHealth Education website at under pediatrics.

Webinar 1: Introduction to ACEs provides an overview on the current science on ACEs, the relationship of early-life adversity to chronic dysregulation in the stress response system (toxic stress) and multi-systemic alterations. The webinar also helps health care professionals understand the relationship between early-life adversity and toxic stress to clinical outcomes in pediatric primary care.

Webinar 2: How to screen for ACEs in pediatric practice compares protocols and practices for ACEs screening and helps health care professionals identify the steps to integrate ACEs screening into medical practice. It also covers applying and using appropriate referral, treatment and intervention strategies and services for patients, and the webinar reviews support and opportunities offered by the National Pediatric Practice Community to facilitate integration of ACEs screening into practice.