10/2019: Coming Soon: Individual Health Record™

Across the health care ecosystem, we have fragmented health data. Getting access to and making sense of this data can be challenging because health systems were never designed to talk to each other.

We want to help improve the health of your patients by creating a comprehensive story of their health and can start to do this with UnitedHealthcare’s Individual Health Record (IHR).

What is the IHR?

The IHR technology platform provides a comprehensive digital record of a patient’s health care history. The IHR consolidates and securely stores a patient's health data in one place even if patients see other providers, and it will provide comprehensive, actionable information and tailored insights to provider collaboration and care coordination for your patients. IHR complements your existing UnitedHealthcare population health tools and your EMR (electronic medical record) by bridging the patient data gaps that may exist today.

What’s in the IHR?

The patient's health data may include prior treatments, procedures, conditions, and medications prescribed. The type of data and the way we have displayed the data in the IHR, we believe can help you address care opportunities, improve overall patient visit efficiency and reduce the time your staff spends coordinating patients you may have.

With IHR, you’re equipped with information that allows you to have more deliberate and collaborative discussions with your patients to help them make better health care decisions. Why? Because the IHR is:

  • Dynamically comprehensive. Making it easy to see data between care providers in near-real time to make more informed health care decisions.
  • Delivering actionable intelligence. Synthesizing the data to create insights among individual health events.
  • Supporting health care collaboration. Delivering a unified record of your patient’s history across the health networks and payers.

We are pleased to announce that the UnitedHealthcare IHR has begun the rollout and is coming to you by the end of the year. Watch for more details in the coming months and visit UHCprovider.com/IHR.

Contact the dedicated IHR service team at 888-761-0346 to be one of the early IHR adopters and request access.