11/2019: Advancing Health Equity Activity Now Available for Continuing Education Credit

With the U.S. population becoming increasingly diverse, it’s important to consider how diversity can affect the way that health care services need to be adapted to meet various social, cultural and linguistic needs. Recognizing and appreciating those differences allows care providers to effectively and empathetically provide the best care to a diverse population.

A multi-credit education series was developed to help increase care provider understanding of how culture impacts health care use and outcomes, and how to apply that knowledge to interactions with patients who have diverse backgrounds.

Activity Overview

This activity will provide an overview of health equity and present ways that care providers can apply the knowledge and skills necessary to most effectively tailor health care delivery to all. It consists of two overview modules and four case studies.

Earn Continuing Education (CE) Credits

This accredited educational activity is made available, free of charge, for all health care professionals.

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