01/2020: Now Available: Individual Health Record™

Across the health care ecosystem, we have fragmented health data. Getting access to and making sense of all this data is challenging because the systems were never designed to talk to each other.

We want to help improve the health of every individual by creating a comprehensive story of their health, which we can start to do with UnitedHealthcare’s Individual Health Record (IHR). IHR is now available to care providers through Link,* your secure gateway to UnitedHealthcare’s self-service tools.

What is the IHR?

The IHR technology platform provides a more comprehensive digital record of a patient’s health care history. The IHR consolidates and securely stores an individual’s health data in one place, even if patients see other care providers. The patient summary may include prior treatments, procedures, conditions and prescribed medications.

IHR provides comprehensive, accurate information and tailored insights to each individual to support health collaboration across the system. IHR complements your existing population health tools and your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) by bridging the patient data gaps existing today.

How It’s Different

IHR equips your practice with information that supports your ability to have deliberate and collaborative discussions with your patients, enabling them to make better health care decisions.

Three Ways IHR Can Benefit Your Practice

  1. IHR makes it easy to see data between care providers so you can make more informed health care decisions
    • See the medications your patients are prescribed, even if those prescriptions come from outside of your health system.
  2. IHR synthesizes data to create insights among individual health events
    •  See beyond a single condition, like diabetes – view all things related to the patient diagnosed with diabetes, such as labs, medications and related conditions.
  3. IHR delivers a more comprehensive record of your patient’s history, providing a line of sight to data from other care providers.
    • View case history, including problems, procedures and information from other care teams.

IHR is available through Link, your secure gateway to UnitedHealthcare’s self-service tools. Visit UHCprovider.com/IHR for more information.

* Care providers, and their staff, who are licensed in the state of Minnesota will soon be able to access the patient IHR.