Enhance the Way You Prescribe Medicine

PreCheck MyScript® (PCMS) is an integrated tool that allows you to check patient prescription cost and coverage at the time of care.

How it Works

Simple Integration with Current Workflow

PCMS integrates with popular electronic medical record (EMR) systems and runs a trial claim which displays accurate and up-to-date member benefit and medication information.

Quickly Request Prior Authorizations

You’ll receive an alert for medications needing prior authorization and can check if medications are non-covered or non-preferred. Some EMRs even facilitate submission of a prior authorization directly from the workflow.

  • Providers can save up to 50 minutes and $41 per prescription per patient by using PCMS to understand which medications require prior authorizations -- allowing them to either select an alternate which does not require one or completing the necessary documentation within the tool.1  

Know How Much Your Patients May Pay Before They Leave Your Office

PCMS lists alternative medications and price options, so your patients, who are our members, are not surprised at the pharmacy counter. Care providers will know when the patient is still in the office, how much their medication will cost, based on their preferred pharmacy and benefit plan coverage during the office visit.

  • Members can save $135 per prescription fill.1

Real Savings, Real Results

Care providers using PreCheck MyScript can see patient costs savings, medication compliance for chronic conditions and even reduced administrative time spent on prior authorizations.

  • Pharmacies have seen 14% lower administrative cost per claim.3
  • Member medication adherence increased by up to 4% for three common chronic conditions.2

Find Out More

Visit UHCprovider.com/pcms for more information. There, you’ll find an interactive demo of PCMS, a FAQ document, overview document, videos and more!


1Third party analysis of OptumRx claims data. September 2018 – August 2019 based on 4.6 million members, >188,000 providers, and 29.2 million transactions using PreCheck MyScript.

2Third party analysis of OptumRx claims data. July 2017–November 2018 based on 2.6 million members, >110,000   providers, and 13.3 million transactions using PreCheck MyScript.

3OptumRx data. Measurement of PreCheck MyScript impacted scripts within the diabetes therapeutic class, the statin therapeutic class, and the hypertension therapeutic class. Savings represent a pre/post methodology. Pre period is October 2016 – September 2017 and post-period October 2017 – September 2018. Population included in the measurement was continuously enrolled.