Document Vault – A Paperless Solution

Beginning in Q4, we’ll begin to transition provider remittance advices (PRAs) and claim letters, in limited markets, from mail to Document Vault. The Document Vault tool in Link, offers safe digital solutions that create efficiencies for your practice, such as remotely opening letters the day they are created.

The process to eliminate paper will be a thoughtful and well-coordinated, phased approach.

  • Today: Documents are available in Document Vault in Link.
    • Important clinical and claims letters are available the same day they are generated.
    • The date the document is loaded in Document Vault is considered the date sent.
  • This fall: You’ll see the transition of paper PRAs, clinical and claim letters as well as hospital admission notifications to various electronic solutions.
  • In 2021: We’ll begin to transition paper claims, claim attachments and medical records to digital channels.

As always, we will comply with any contractual and regulatory requirements.

What’s next?

We’ll keep you updated about the latest information and provide you with the training and resources to support a smooth transition.

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