Get more from your Network Bulletin

You spoke and we listened

The new Network Bulletin landing page and email newsletters are being designed, based on your feedback and user research. We can’t thank you enough for your help in this transition to a digital and personalized news experience.

Right now, to help you receive the information that is relevant to you and your staff, you can sign up to receive Network Bulletin email updates every month. 

This email will give you:

  • Quick access to the monthly reimbursement, medical policies and prior authorization updates
  • State and regional news updates specific to your preference
  • Personalized content, based on your specialty, role and interests

If you already receive the bulletin email, consider updating your preferences, so we can continue to deliver the content that matters most to you.

If you’re used to forwarding the Network Bulletin on to your staff members, save yourself a step and subscribe your whole team. They can receive their own personalized Network Bulletin email, helping your practice to save time, receive important information faster and help relieve administrative burden.

What’s coming next

The Network Bulletin homepage is being redesigned, based on the feedback you’ve shared about your priorities and needs. We're working to make it easier for you to find updates relevant to you and your staff.

The advanced search and filter function will allow you to see the news you need with just a few select clicks. You’ll be able to search by state, specialty, point of care and more. You’ll be able to quickly forward, print or download individual articles and be able to easily share your full list of notification results.

In the interim, you will find the current Network Bulletin page organized into national updates and then state and region news. We know location is a priority to you, and we hope this change helps as we transition to the new redesign of the site.

Your feedback is important to us, so please keep it coming. You can email the Network Bulletin team at or talk to your provider advocate.