April 01, 2022

Arizona: New resources available for family and professional caregivers of vulnerable individuals

To improve health care and create a safer environment for individuals with intellectual or development disabilities in Arizona, Governor Douglas Ducey formed the Abuse & Neglect Prevention Task Force in 2019. As part of this task force, UnitedHealthcare and 6 other health plan organizations worked together to create and publish Resources for Caregivers, a 25-page online guide for family and professional caregivers of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

What’s included

This helpful guide lists organizations that advocate for vulnerable individuals and offer support and education to people caring for them. It includes contact information for each organization and a description of the services they provide, such as:

  • In-person and online training and certification
  • Education courses and health events
  • Support groups and services
  • Professional development
  • Crisis counseling and hotline information
  • Resources for independent living
  • Self-care and compassion fatigue
  • Community events
  • You can find the Resources for Caregivers guide and other helpful resources on the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System website.