March 17, 2022

Arizona: Clinical toolkits to support behavioral health screenings and referrals

A primary care provider (PCP) should screen members for behavioral health needs during routine or preventive visits. To support PCPs, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) has developed a set of clinical toolkits to assist PCPs in assessing the needs of children/adolescents (ages 8–17) and adults (18 and older). The toolkits also help PCPs determine the need and type of medication and if a behavioral health referral is indicated.

Accessing the toolkits
The toolkits can be found through the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Arizona Homepage on in the Guides, Toolkits and Resources section. They can also be found on in chapter 200 of the Medical Policy Manual Behavioral Health Practice Tools.

Why it matters
Based on the behavioral health screening and assessment, best practice guidelines and evidence-based medicine, a member may benefit from seeing a behavioral health professional. While a referral is not required, the PCP may refer the member to an in-network behavioral health care provider and consult with the behavioral health provider about the member’s treatment plan.

You can access our online provider directory for a list of care providers in our network.


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