April 01, 2022

Kentucky: Updating incarceration release dates in KYMMIS

Medicaid benefits are suspended for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members when they’re incarcerated. Benefits are reinstated when they’re released. However, sometimes when you’re checking for eligibility in the Kentucky Medicaid Management Information System (KYMMIS), you’ll find release dates need to be updated. We’ll work with the Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) to get eligibility updated in the KYMMIS.

What you need to do
Send one of the following documents to for processing:

  • Signed statement from you that says the date you saw the patient and attests to the fact they had no guard and were not handcuffed
  • Statement from the incarceration facility with dates of arrest and discharge
  • MAP-INC form
  • Signed statement from you that your patient was released home after services
  • Signed statement from the patient