Avoid Claim Errors for Annual Wellness Visits

Last modified: January 13,  2021

For UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members, annual wellness visits (AWVs) may be conducted by a physician or nonphysician professional (MD, DO, NP or PA) in the office or virtually, using both audio and video.

AWVs may be conducted as a stand-alone visit or along with an acute or chronic care visit. Most of our Medicare Advantage members have a $0 copay for these visits1.

Since the services provided during an AWV differ from acute or chronic care services, it’s important to use the correct diagnoses and coding when billing for these visits.

Here are some resources with more information:

The Importance of AWVs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognizes the importance of the comprehensive preventive care that primary care providers (PCPs) provide to their patients.

By focusing a patient’s annual wellness visits (AWVs) on preventive screening, chronic condition management, safety issues, and social needs, the patient’s quality of life can be greatly enhanced. Setting up a system within your practice that involves all members of the care team will maximize both patient benefit and practice reimbursement for these preventive care services.

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