Goodbye Link, hello portal

Last modified: September 10, 2021

Link’s going away soon, access the portal today

By end of year, all self-service tools will be transitioned to the new UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal and Link will be officially retired. To help you find what you need, review the following list of self-service tools to find their new location in the portal. 

When you’re ready, sign in to the portal with your One Healthcare ID — the same one you use to access Link — and get started.

Your feedback made a difference

The portal is easier to navigate and it provides a seamless experience so you don’t have to switch between platforms. There’s more integration and it offers improved functionality — all designed to help you complete tasks faster. Here are some improvements you’ll see:

  • Patient information: You can continue managing patient information, administrative tasks and track clinical activities
  • Tasks to be done: The TrackIt tool is crafted to see the status of your recent workflow. You can see exactly where prior authorizations, claims and reconsiderations are in the process.
  • Access digital letters any time: Document Library allows you to easily access and view electronic letters, reports and data in a more organized format
  • Manage users: Add, change, assign or deactivate user access in the portal faster and easier than before

Stay equipped with the right resources