Help your patients save money

Last modified: June 30, 2021

When Individual Exchange patients get care from a non-participating provider, they will have no benefit coverage and may be responsible for charges. You can help your patients save money by referring them to participating lab. 

When you refer patients to a participating lab, you:

  • Help patients make informed health decisions
  • Connect patients to service providers whose care will be covered
  • Help patients to receive the services they need with the lowest possible financial impact

How will I know which labs I can refer to?

You have provided several ways that you can identify which lab are participating for the Exchange Plans.

Point of Care Assist: By using Point of Care Assist directly in your electronic medical records (EMR) workflow, you’ll be able to instantly see the laboratory care providers that are participating in your patient’s network, as well as identify the services covered by their benefit plan. Point of Care Assist will also provide any expected out-of-pocket costs. By using this tool, when available, you will have real-time access to your patient’s benefit plan information and available locations of care services.

Provider Directory: You can access our online provider directory at Find a Care Provider | To search for participating labs:

  1. Click on “Search for Doctors, Clinics or Facilities by Plan Type”
  2. Then, select “Medical Directory” and “State Exchanges”
  3. Next, select “Individual and Family” and select your state
  4. Finally, enter a zip code and select “Places” and then “Labs and Imaging”

There are several national labs that are participating for the Individual Exchanges. They include:

Additional participating providers may be found in the Provider Directory.


Contact Provider Services at 888-478-4760.