Managing information in the portal just got simpler

Last modified: September 15, 2021

We’ve improved the process for managing user access and new user registration

By end of year, all self-service tools will officially retire from Link and transition to the new UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. Based on feedback from health care professionals like you, we simplified our security and registration process so you can easily register, add, change or deactivate user access in the portal. 

What’s changing?

Quick overview

  • Link Security will be renamed Access Management in the portal under the Practice Management drop-down menu
  • The “Password Owner” will now be called "Primary Access Administrator (PAA)" and will manage access for all administrators and standard users
  • Primary Access Administrators and other Administrators can create and manage users more easily
  • Multi-tax ID number (TIN) access will be now called 3rd Party Access, which includes revenue cycle management companies, business vendors and other provider organizations, and will be managed by the PAA
  • You will be able to look up account information, change job function, request access and more with the Profile & Settings tool under your name in the top-right corner of the portal 

Register with ease

A One Healthcare ID is required to access secure content and log in to the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. Depending on your organization type and job function, this may affect your registration and access process. Be sure to view the improved access and registration guide for step-by-step details:

  1. Create a One Healthcare ID
  2. Select your organizational type
  3. Connect your organizations’s TIN
  4. Select your job function and portal access needed
  5. Select portal access needed
  6. Wait for approval by your administrator