New claims platform launched

Last modified: Sep. 1, 2021

This month, we’re launching a phased rollout of a new claims processing platform, which will be piloted with a select group of fully insured and level-funded new business products in 8 states: Alabama, Connecticut, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota.  

What you need to know

This September release only affects new business (on or after Sept. 1, 2021) on the following level-funded plans:

  • Oxford
  • Freedom
  • Metro (includes existing Choice, Choice Plus, Core and Liberty plans)

The release also affects only new business on the following fully insured plans:

  • Choice
  • Choice Plus
  • Core
  • Core Essential
  • Non-Differential PPO
  • Options PPO

For all except Non-Differential PPO, the platform transition excludes plan design types that require hospital tiering.

A smaller Oct. 1, 2021, release affects only new and renewing business for the following fully insured plans:

  • Granite Advantage EPO
  • Granite Advantage EPO Saver
  • Granite Premier Choice EPO
  • Granite Advantage PPO
  • Granite Advantage PPO Saver
  • Granite Premier Choice PPO

These products are being built to support Tufts business using the Freedom network.


No action is required on your part as this rollout takes place. If you have questions, please contact your network representative. Go to  for more details and resources.