New York: Newly dual-eligible members are automatically enrolled into D-SNP

Last modified: June 14, 2021

Starting May 1, 2021, we’re automatically enrolling certain UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New York members who become eligible for Medicare into our UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® (HMO D-SNP) Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP). This helps members enrolled in mainstream Medicaid or Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) keep continuous coverage if their eligibility changes.

Medicaid members may become eligible for Medicare during their enrollment — for instance, when they turn 65. These members who reside in counties where the plan is available will be notified that they are now enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare D-SNP as part of the state’s default enrollment into D-SNP.

What this means for health care professionals

You may have to submit claims differently for members enrolled in D-SNP. You can read more about D-SNP in the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New York Care Provider Manual and at

Verifying a member’s eligibility and health plan

You can check the member’s eligibility at or view their medical ID card. With the enrollment, we’ll send the member a UnitedHealthcare D-SNP medical ID card.

Questions? Please call UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New York Provider Services at 866-362-3368. If you have questions about default enrollment, please email the New York State Department of Health at