More self-service tools move from Link

Last modified: June 17, 2021

New UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal offers integrated self-service workflow

Over the next few months, all self-service tools will be officially retiring from the legacy Link online self-service experience. As we continue to upgrade our digital services, we have introduced a better system to work with us — the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.  

Faster navigation, simpler features, ease of use

You can continue managing patient information and tasks in the new UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal but with faster transactions, easier navigation and more features. 

As of June 9, 2021, here’s a list of all self-service tools that are now accessible in the portal:

What happens next?

You don’t need to take any action to access the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal — you’ll be able to access it with your current One Healthcare ID login credentials. New users can find registration information at

Get ready to go completely digital

This is part of our efforts to create an integrated and time-saving way for you to move seamlessly between the different tasks you need to accomplish. There’s no need to exit different tools and go back to a dashboard to start a new task. Digital transactions get information to you faster and reduce the amount of paper health care professionals must manage.

  1. For a quick overview of our paperless initiative, view our paperless resources
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  3. For more information about UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal capabilities, visit
  4. To understand the high-level differences between each digital solution, check out our Digital Solutions Comparison Guide
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